Michelle Dixon

Owner & Director of

Rarotonga Sports Massage

Rarotonga Yoga Retreats

Sukha School of Yoga - Rarotonga



After 20 years in the Health industry in Auckland coaching, instructing and healing clients from all walks of life Michelle has recently relocated to The Cook Islands and is running RSM from her home in Matavera, Rarotonga.


The energy one builds in a clinic of healing is so unique. My clinic is a sacred space, a union of souls that are Client and Therapist, a trust is built that allows me the freedom to do what I need for the best interest of the body and soul on the table. Every sacred session is unique. It is this that I want to bring to Rarotonga and do my work in an environment where the healing properties of nature are all around us.”

  • Personal Trainer for 20 years. Bodybuilder for 10 years. Her understanding of the physical body, its neuromuscular connection, its potential and its limitations have been experienced first hand from her own sporting journey and her many years of working on a variety of body types.

  • Sports Massage Therapist 10 years. Clients have ranged from top end athletes to children, corporates and seniors. She has continuously upskilled to give to you the most out of your massage.

  • Master teacher of Reiki. Michelle is both a Practitioner and now a Teacher of this energy healing practice. Energy Healing is always present in her massages even if it has a subtle presence.

  • Yoga Teacher. Michelles deep understanding of the energetic pathways of the body discovered in Yoga has contributed to her style of Massage creating for you a magical experience! Michelle teaches one on one Yoga at her School in Matavera as well as daily classes.

Rarotonga Sports Massage offers both locals and tourists professional and experienced Sports Massage. Come through and experience the combination of Traditional Eastern methods of healing combined with Western Pain Management Techniques.

Your body is only as strong as your mind is weak. I believe that 'mind over matter' is 50% of the healing process, if not more. As a therapist I feel as though I simply line up the ducks for the body to be able to heal itself. With a positive mind and a plan of action there is no reason your body should not function at its most optimal ability."

- Michelle Dixon

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